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I took my daughter to see Dr. Pilcher when she was 17 months old. She would not lay on her stomach without screaming and would not crawl or walk. I had taken her to several doctors and they could not find a reason for her developmental delays nor her apparent pain in certain positions. A family friend recommended I take her to a chiropractor. I admit I was a bit apprehensive about taking my small child to a chiropractor, but I agreed. I was very impressed with the thorough exam Dr. Pilcher provided, asking questions that her other doctors had not. She started crawling the very next day after her first adjustment. We continued seeing Dr. Pilcher on a regular basis and she is showing remarkable improvements. Dr. Pilcher provided logical theories for her developmental challenges that I have not been able to get from any of the medical specialists we visited. My husband and I are very grateful for his continued interest and diligence in helping her overcome her challenges.

Traci C., Talty, TX

Over the years both my wife and I have had some difficulties with back pain. We both received several treatments from Dr Pilcher and benefited from remarkable results. We were also very pleased that Dr Pilcher took the time to explain to us how the back interacts with the rest of the human body, and taught us how to avoid back pain in the future.

Gary C., Terrell, TX

I was in a car accident and advised to see a chiropractor for my neck pain. I was impressed with Dr. Pilcher’s approach and the time he spent getting a thorough history. His treatment plan provided much needed relief from the neck pain and after my first treatment I was able to sleep without pain medication for the first time since the accident.

Kelli M., Gilmer, TX

I’ve had severe arthritis pain in my thumbs for several years. After a few acupuncture treatments from Dr. Pilcher I noticed a significant improvement in movement and the pain was almost completely gone. I can now snap my fingers for the first time in years!

Linda J., Gilmer, TX